Learn Chinese Characters for Free!

Learning Chinese is no easy task. According to the United States Foreign Service Institute, a full-time learner will need to spend around two years to reach fluency in Chinese. One of the biggest hurdles in reaching fluency in Chinese is the time and effort it takes to learn the 3,000+ characters needed for basic literacy.

HanziHero is a Chinese character learning application that leverages spaced repetition and mnemonics to make learning Chinese characters as easy and efficient as possible.

As students of Chinese ourselves, we’ve gone through most tools, methods, apps, and courses for learning Chinese characters. In fact, we’ve spent hundreds of dollars on many of these that ended up being no help at all. Faced with no suitable method for learning Chinese characters, we’ve made our own with HanziHero. As a result, one of us was able to use HanziHero to successfully learn over 3,000+ characters and achieve basic literacy in Chinese!

We want everyone to experience the power of the HanziHero approach, and use it to pass the Chinese character hurdle. So we’ve made a significant portion of it free, forever!

That’s around 100 characters, 100 components, most of the pinyin sounds, and over 100 words. It’ll allow you to recognize and understand some basic Chinese phrases by the end of a couple of weeks. During that time, you can see for yourself the power of the HanziHero method, and whether it is suitable to your own learning style.

We’ve done all we can to make learning over 3,000 Chinese characters as simple as possible, but that does not mean it will be easy. Completing HanziHero requires showing up for a bit of time each day to do your lessons and reviews, nearly every day, to make progress. With a significant part of the course free forever, you can have a try and see if this sort of time commitment is right for you and your schedule.

Create a free account and give it a try! No credit card or obligation required. We hope HanziHero will help you along on your Chinese learning journey, as it did ours.